The Entire Human Experience.

“What do you want your Heaven to be?”
I wanted to hate myself so that I could learn to love myself.  I wanted to grieve and understand loss.  I wanted to keep living and I wanted to cry about it in happiness.  There were many other things that I said to God such as “I want to grow old and wise”.  God granted me my wishes and made me alive again so that I could live the entire human experience on Earth, as it is in Heaven.  To understand suffering and what it is to die.  I wanted to love more than I’ve ever loved before.  He made it so as I awoke the very next day into an Earthly Heaven, being and learning what it truly means to be a human.

Sorcerers These Days… They Got No Respect!

Flat screen magic wands, rabbit ears that are like bug antennas… You’d think with all of the sorcery in the world these days they might realise the magic that they possess. Normality eh? The late 1800’s brought us the radio transmission and changed the air forever. Never to return to a time when the air was silent, crystal clear and waveless. Calm water is a reminder of what I will never know. I was born into a world filled with magic and somehow this is normality. There were too many rabbits in that hat anyway.
God bless!


eyeI wanna be the guy with all the answers but the more I learn the more I question and the more I question the more stubborn I become when it comes to being the guy with all the answers, then everything comes out wrong and benighted.  Enlightenment is hard!  Shed a light and cast a shadow.  I’ll get it… so will you 🙂

The Big Bang Thing about the Thing…

stars-cygnus-170711_imagelarge13.8 billion years ago the OBSERVABLE universe was created.  Does anyone have an answer to the things that we cannot detect?  How old is that stuff?  And how far away is it?  Passed the observable waves I propose. I am still unsure and completely out of the box trying to peak through it all with other questions like how big was the first atom and has it evolved since the expansion of what is observable?  If two elements, hot and cold were present more than 13.8 billion years ago wouldn’t that suggest an inner and outerness to our beginning begging the question, is that even the beginning? Maybe there was only heat…? Although… clearly, darkness has beaten the light to where it was going and still does so in an ever-expanding race to the edge of everything.  Darkness wins every time.  It was already there before any light had made it there, wherever there may be.  Darkness is cold, suggesting a hypothetical what the fuck?  How do you have hot without cold?  I picture a very large and infinite cold expansion on the outside of our observable universe.  I hate to be against the grain of trendy knowledge but I’m calling bull shit on the big bang and raising a theory proposing an infinite dark and cold expansion of time-space.  Light is to slow to fill the sky day and night. Too frail. Our beautiful everything will always expand or the seconds will grind into a cold and dark entropy.  The death of light itself, eaten by cold, dark expansion searching for more light to feast on.  Feast, we shall.  Without a field of darkness, there would be nothing for light to travel through allowing us to detect it.  Darkness isn’t nothing.  There has always been a something, even if humans confused it for nothing.  Nothingness is only a concept.  It will only ever exist in the imagination or in the form of some symbol or illustration.  Good old cold ass time-space being dark allows us to see that we’re moving into a bunch of room called space. Be sure to bring your flashlight or send a ping like a dolphin or a bat, just in case.  Just a quick recap, darkness isn’t nothing.  Darkness is a field or material that light and other things may pass through.

On the other hand… The big bang is what most choose to be true and so it is no matter how agnostic the theory truly is.  Because they chose it.  And for the other’s who snarl in the face of conformity!? Perhaps a nice bed in the nearest acute mental health ward could be a vacation from those who refuse to think for themselves… maybe, jus’ sayin’.

We Shall Fight in Space.

It was Churchill who gave the infamous “We shall fight them beaches…” speech.  Now, in 2018 we prepare ourselves for war in space.  Satellites suspected to be built for attack surround our planet as manmade islands created for military purpose pop up in the oceans.  The American continent is divided by a trade war, egos and not to mention racism and our planet is also divided by a trade war, egos and not to mention racism again, which I suspect will inevitably collapse into a great war the likes of which we have never seen before.  Tensions rise and only God knows how we will navigate the new world in the next twenty years.  Where will we be?  What will our planet look like?  What will the space surrounding Earth appear to be? And how will we ever find peace in an ever-changing scientific and technological world?  It’s up to us human beings to decide.  Us and us alone.  The children of today will become the heroes of tomorrow.  That being said, why do this to them?  Why turn them into heroes and martyrs at such a high cost?  May the universe let us find peace before we ship our young ones off to yet another war.  A war they didn’t create, a war we created for them, and a war our drunken stupor gave rise to out of ego, racism and blind assumption.

“…but tomorrow, I shall be sober whereas you will still be ugly.”
W.S. Churchill (debated)

War Condemned!

I teared up again today when I learned of a Saudi Arabian missile strike that killed dozens of children in Yemen.  I have no words to express which is why I’m keeping this post as short as possible.  All I can say is that all warmongers are condemned and I pray for the peace and wellness for families from all parts of the Earth.  Any violent offensive action is a step backwards and It’s time to realise that we all are part of the same world. This civil war of OUR planet needs to stop immediately!  I feel dead inside trying to write about this subject.  Shame on them!

It’s Only Half of the Planet.

A message for the collective of states that reside in part of the American continent currently ruled by Donny Trump.  Do you know that your not all of America?  It’s been bugging me.  I’m afraid to mention myself as a North American out of fear that some will think I’m from The United States.