The Entire Human Experience.

“What do you want your Heaven to be?”
I wanted to hate myself so that I could learn to love myself.  I wanted to grieve and understand loss.  I wanted to keep living and I wanted to cry about it in happiness.  There were many other things that I said to God such as “I want to grow old and wise”.  God granted me my wishes and made me alive again so that I could live the entire human experience on Earth, as it is in Heaven.  To understand suffering and what it is to die.  I wanted to love more than I’ve ever loved before.  He made it so as I awoke the very next day into an Earthly Heaven, being and learning what it truly means to be a human.


Demonopolytheism is the philosophy of all gods and the God that they become when combined by nature and reason. Perhaps, a theory and or/study pertaining to a God of gods indifference (our own volition).  Life, as a random chance of natural miracle and the reasoning behind a God of gods.  The universe and the stars it contains along with the chaos of outer space, for example.

Time Before the Big Bang Discovered.

B.B.B. = Before Big Bang.
A.B.B. = After Big Bang.

When time travel becomes a very real thing we will be able to time travel all the way back to year 1 B.B.B.  We will successfully be able to tell the time before the big bang simply by bringing an Earth watch with us back in time.  The reason there is currently no time before the big bang is because earth and sun had not been created yet which means a nifty little time telling gadget called a watch had also not been created yet.  If we could travel back in time to the point of the big bang and then travel backwards second by second with a watch keeping track we would see complete darkness (except for the background light of our watch) as we travel back in time.  Year 1 B.B.B. would turn to Year 1 A.B.B. similarily to year 1 B.C.E (before common era) and year 1 A.D. (anno domini).  If space is infinite then so must be time.  🙂  The lack of boundaries at the edge of the universe suggest that space is not limited to having walls.  Unfortunately, this does not answer what the big bang was triggered by but something entered ground zero and it sparked a major reaction with the surrounding time-space which created the observable universe that we all know and love.  I think that a countdown to the big bang is a wonderful idea that we should take into the future and past as we ride out the many waves of time-space and observable universe.

God vs The Universe!

The one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.  One version of continuity/truth.
The Universe: T
he totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space; the cosmosmacrocosm.  One version of continuity/truth.

I guess these words didn’t really wanna fight anyway.  Thank the heavens my brain is ok with these two words co-existing.  Good job me!  You’re welcome you! Peace be with you!  And also with Hugh! Who?…

I was so bored just now.

Little One, From My Dream.

In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti.

Little one, from my dream.  You may never see the world as I see it and I may never see the world as you see it although we share this tomb of body and mind and you teach me to be strong.  I cherish your teachings and I will take them into my waking life.  You are my sister in this tomb and I am your brother.  May God shine His blessing over to you and may God lift you up when you are down.  I am here for you just as you are here for me, always will be.  We share this tomb of dreams and nothing will ever change that.  Your brother in Christ.

Passages of, Expressions (Declaratio) Agnus Heredis.

‘We must find contentment in the pain that we will never know.’
-It is ok not to understand certain kinds of pain even though we want to relate with each other.  Ignorance is inevitable in some cases as we all have our own pain with a different story to each and every pain that we experience.  It is important to understand that empathy is often your own feeling about another person when trying to relate and is not the exact same feeling of another.  Acceptance that we all have our very own experiences is something that we learn as we grow into individuals.  It’s not necessary to experience pain that we will never understand.  For example, one may never understand the pain of losing a child.  It is ok if you cannot relate to this kind of pain as you may have never had the experience.

‘Scars weren’t meant to be covered up, they tell a story of historical accuracy.  To cover up a scar is to cover up the truth.  Uncover your scars and accept the past for what it is.  Accept that we all have scars.’
-Even though we may want to forget the negative happenings of our past it is important to recognise the truth that remains within our history.  We learn from our mistakes and our hardships.  We mustn’t let our demons dictate our lives as we face them head-on.  Everyone can remember a time when they once hurt, either physically or mentally.  We’re not alone.


…in continuation…

Collective Scar Truths.

A passage from, Expressions (Declaratio).
‘Scars weren’t meant to be covered up, they tell a story of historical accuracy.  To cover up a scar is to cover up the truth.  Uncover your scars and accept the past for what it is.  Accept that we all have scars.’
-Agnus Heredis

A passage from, Corinthians 12:26 English Standard Version (ESV). The Bible.  Mentioned in, Letter of His Holiness Pope Francis to the People of God.
’26 If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.’