(Non-Christian) Catholicism.

A belief system that is universal, one, eclectic, cosmic, inclusive, pertaining to all, interest to all, all-encompassing, involving all, open-minded and wide-ranging in tastes.  The focus is on culture, world religions and the diversity of faith.  Christianity is still recognised as a form of education pertaining to the life and death of Jesus Christ but is not preached or taught due to the limitations of Christian belief.  Monotheism for example.  The word Catholicism should be able to stand alone without Christian dogma overshadowing the nature of the word.  One should not assume a Christian stance when discussing the word Catholicism.  I am not anti-Christian, I have much love for Jesus just as he does for me.  But, I think that the word Catholic has a lot to offer if it isn’t narrowed down to a specific religion or people.  It’s a word that leads to a richness of faith and peaceful togetherness.

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